About us


                                             CHIC & NONPAREIL (Having no match or equal).

    In the vicinity of Cele bustop, Alaba international, Labana exclusive hotel offers a sublime slice of modern minimalism with emphasis on elegant simplicity and first-rated food.

    An airy refuge. Our boutique 36-rooms hotel is where guests can rediscover the forgotten rhythms of long drawn-out days and ease lingering evenings.

    Understated nonpareil is our design and subtle details.We like to make sure everything is immaculate from the outdoor event place,, the club ,the podium/stage opposite the entrance gate which is extremely eye-catching , to the kitchen/restaurant,  bars ,to the hotel finely dressed with pillowy and white cotton sheets with fine cotton duvet.

                             LABANA EXCLUSIVES HOTEL:   LIFE STYLE— Design and tranquility

     Enfold the Labana lifestyle where composure(relaxing)is easy and elegance is omnipresent. Here at Labana ,we are intent on working only with brands who are as committed to quality as e are. Which is why when we pick our supplier we select only partners with whom we are proud to identify whether it’s wines ,champagne cotton beddings, toiletries chocolate etc. Hotel services include daily newspaper and a selection of magazine upon request, in- house laundry and dry-cleaning.

                                                  ROOMS & SUITE: Private retreat

      Each of our bright floodlight room comes with everything you could possibly need for a comfortable stay.

   Luxury rooms and suites feature air conditioned rooms with cable flat-screen tv, DSTV connection, that all important free WiFi .Rooms have wardrobes & window blind.All rooms have a private bathroom with sink , a towel and free toiletries.

    Comfort isn’t our sole objective; we also appreciate the value of good design, cleanliness , sleek contemporary furnitures and white walls.

                                                                           We Have:


                                   THE ULTIMATE EXPRESSION OF OUR SIGNIFICANT STYLE:

                                                              ROYALE DELUXE SUITE

       Stretch out on a king-size orthopedic mattress , revive tired feet on cool tiles. Sink into quiet repose . Your comfort is masterfully executive in ROYALE deluxe room.

ROYALE deluxe is our most exclusive retreat and it best represents our ethos. Located on the top floor with its beautiful colored  interior. Guest who stay in ROYALE deluxe have access to complimentary WiFi .

INTERIOR SPACE: 45sqm (484.4 square foot)


                                                                         DELUXE ROOM

      Deluxe room is our ultimate style statement with smartly simplistic furnishings. It has the king size bed with bath/shower combo. With more and more travelers going solo, we thought it high time to cater to parties of one. Deluxe room is cleverly appointed to accommodate lone guest .


                                                               BOOM EXECUTIVE SUITE

         The elegant aesthetic and spotless finely colored perfection of labana ,the 30square-meter( 323square foot)top floor boom executive room is our ultimate style statement with smartly simplistic furnishings.This room exudes effortless style and timeless sophistication.Among the other in room amenities are flat screen tv, DSTV connection. The room light can be controlled via a touch panel and guest have access to complimentary WiFi.


                                                            EXECUTIVE ROOMS-  Tranquil  beauty

          Our executive rooms measures 26square meters (280square feet) is ideal for recharging oneself. Inside the room is a vision of attractive color perfection. It comes with a king size bed, free WiFi for guests to use as well as a bath and shower combo.


                                                            STANDARD ROOMS-  Cozy Chic

                                                           Perfect for short break stay

          Our standard rooms are just that classic. Ideal for short getaways.These rooms pack is everything you could possibly need into a clean contemporary and understatedly chic 22 square meter (270 square feet) space. There is a comfortable king-size bed and window.


                                                             RESERVE YOUR STAY

                                                 Your book direct benefits include:

  • Best rate guarantee
  • Book now, pay later.
  • Early check- in and late check-out.

                                                 GOURMET EXPERIENCE: FINE DINING

        Labana is a place with rich culinary heritage. Our chef strikes the sweet spot between custom and creativity, honoring the local Nigeria meals and intercontinental dishes while simultaneously striving to keep things fresh , modern and exciting.

       One thing is for sure:whether you are enjoying: a light lunch or a tasting menu ,a leisurely breakfast, a light salad,  sweet  potato pie ,chicken and cheese pie ,chicken salad, barbecue , pepper-soup, goat meat or a multi-course tasting menu at our gloriously located rooftop restaurant or in the open space.No meal from Labana exclusive restaurants is ever run-of-the-mill( ordinary). We take our food seriously. And for us , good food starts with good local suppliers . You can expect the quality of the ingredients to shine through.


                                   FACILITIES AND SERVICES (the extras that count).



     Banish any residual tension and stress during a spa session with one of our expert massage therapist who can tailor the experience to your needs, whether you want a firm sport massage or something a little gentler.


                                                         LABANA CAB

                                         CARS FOR PICKUPS AND DROP-OFF

      Clients can book  our cabs from any location in Lagos.This cab  brings you from any location  to Labana exclusive hotel.All there is to do is reach our customer care line . We are at your beck and calling.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            CONCIERGE ( ASSISTANT)

     For the duration of your stay, consider our concierge your personal assistant. They will take care of all organizations and logistics so you need never to lift a finger except to sip a cocktail or wine.                      

                                                    WHAT CAN WE DO FOR YOU

       Whether you have got your heart set on something special ,or simply want to bounce around ideas, our concierge team can help

                                                 EXCLUSIVE NIGHTCLUB                                                                                       Our club shows contemporary artists dotted all across the world with injection of colors with oil painting and drawings. Our colorful club is well furnished with red comfortable sofa.

     We have :

  • The gold corner vip- furnished with gold couch
  • The white corner vip —furnished with white couch

      Our exclusive club can be reserved(booked online). This reservation would be advertised on the big-screen Tv  to create awareness. The Disc jockey(DJ) Stand has quality marble..With the baddest DJ in the city of Lagos.The bar is not left out ,as cocktails,champagne,wines , beers , smoothies are delivered as ordered. Great music from the best DJ will keep you happy through the night in the club. Trust us to keep you wanting more because we keep things fresh.

      Labana exclusive nightclub has dress code rules and these rules include :

  • Shoes for men – No sneakers, sport shoes or sandals.
  • Collared shirt,T-shirt or suit jacket for men— No tank tops or sport attire.

         Given the late hour moody lightning, a dark outfit with shades of blue , black and gray will make anyone look sharp. Do not go overboard and wear black from head to toe . Or you will look like a bar black.

  • For the ladies, dress to kill— choose a dress that has vibrant colors to stand out.

          Labana exclusive nightclub have a high level of competency and top-notch staff . Opening time is 10pm until mama calls.

                                              LABANA EXCLUSIVE OPENED BAR

            This auditorium or outdoor space has a stage/ podium. Our big sized television seen in the stage can be used for display and advertisements.

        For advert placements and promotions. Contact out customer-care service line.


            Enjoy your moment in our opened bar that could be used for:

  • Talent display
  • Sport center— for watching all kind of sport
  • Birthday celebration/party
  • Wedding reception— celebrate the most special day of your life in our opened bar.A 500 capacity auditorium. Labana is the perfect idyllic setting for the citified romantic wedding of your dreams! Our experienced and professional event planners and staff provides incomparable wedding management services. You just come to make memories and celebrate some of the best times of your life.
  • For concerts and life shows.
  • End of the year celebration party/ graduation party.
  • Evening chills & relaxation

Seminars etc .    

About CEO

Chief Uche Obi is the CEO of Labana exclusive hotel and suite(Hotelier). He hails from Uga, Aguata local government area in Anambra state. He studied at Uga Boys high school.

After high school, he proceeded to Lagos after which he travelled to Switzerland to study further and get a college degree and fight for life. From Switzerland to Austria then to Germany. He returned to Nigeria afterwards, then travelled to south Africa and Mozambique.                    Uche is a traveler, who have been to most Part of the world. He was inspired to own a hotel &bar after his stay in Germany where he worked in various recreational centers.

In 2010, the first Labana lounge was unlatched at AMUWO -ODOFIN festac town Lagos.                                                                                       

 In 2012, the branch in Cele Bustop was launched. It was just an outdoor event centre where people come to drink & dine, ease out stress and spend lingering evenings.                                                               

In 2019, Labana exclusive hotel and suite is rebranded, modernized, restyles, revamped and a “must-to-be-spot”. As a matter of fact, it is second to none(matchless).  Its nightclub, the DJs, the bar, restaurant, stage, the hotel, the outdoor event spot.                                               

Labana exclusive is remarkably different as Uche made it the most luxurious in this arena with great customer service. He promises maximum security and in years to come expansion.